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I like that Jack.

Loverboy Loverboy

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You sir...

are a lovely man for seeing the true beauty in Mariah Carey's songs! :D <3

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Funny School Things 2 Funny School Things 2

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Last scene=WIN! XDXD reminds me of my high school! XDXD

Aqlex responds:

I'm glad that you found that scene to be a "win" scene! And I'm also glad you're reminded of high school xD. Unless high school sucked for you, then maybe I'm not so glad. But it appears that you were amused, and that is a good thing =).

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Spongebob Murderpants Spongebob Murderpants

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Well lookie what we got here...

deep in my gut...I just knew it! mmmhhmmm. :/ XDXD

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